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5kg Capacity Gold Refining Machine gold electrolysis process

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5kg Capacity Gold Refining Machine gold electrolysis process

5kg Capacity Gold Refining Machine gold electrolysis process
5kg Capacity Gold Refining Machine gold electrolysis process 5kg Capacity Gold Refining Machine gold electrolysis process 5kg Capacity Gold Refining Machine gold electrolysis process

Large Image :  5kg Capacity Gold Refining Machine gold electrolysis process

Product Details:
Place of Origin: wuxi
Brand Name: gremet
Certification: CE
Model Number: 5 kg
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: negotiate
Packaging Details: plywood case
Delivery Time: 30 days
Supply Ability: 100-200 sets

5kg Capacity Gold Refining Machine gold electrolysis process

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5kg Capacity Gold Refining Machine


5kg Capacity gold electrolysis process


Gold Refining Machine Electrolysis Process

5kg capacity Gold electrolysis for purification


this is our new gold electrolysis unit adopts integrated and integrated design, which integrates the gold electrolysis cell, rectifier power supply, flue gas recovery, condenser and automatic liquid replenishment system. It is designed with intelligent operation, monitoring and abnormal alarm system of electrolyte temperature, voltage and current, and adopts PLC programmed control.                                                                                                                                                    


No system Equipment name Specification and model texture of material Unit quantity
1 Gold electrolysis complete equipment gm-jdj-5 Electrolytic cell Non standard; Refining capacity 5kg / D PPH pcs 1
2 Magnetic pump MP-20RM Fluorine lining set 1
3 Conductive copper bar Non standard; The material is No. 1 red copper, and the specific size is according to the picture. Red copper set 1
4 Cathode and anode conductive bars Titanium clad copper titanium set 1
5 Electrolytic cathode Titanium plate (pure titanium) titanium set 1
6 High level tank 30L Glass set 1
7 condenser 1.5m2 Glass set 1
8 Titanium screws Rectifier power supply, heating, lighting, control panel titanium set 1
9 Electric control system Non standard; Material PPH combination set 1
10 Trough support Flat die, matching for gold electrolysis PPH pcs 1
11 Anode mould Specification and model High purity graphite set 5



(1) Casting anode plate: the crude gold raw material with 99% gold content is melted into the medium frequency smelting furnace and cast into a gold electrolytic anode plate.

(2) Electrolyte preparation and waste electrolyte recovery: gold electrolyte is prepared by dissolving pure gold in aqua regia and diluting it with hydrochloric acid aqueous solution.

(3) Electrolysis: hang the anode plate into the gold electrolysis cell and start the gold electrolysis equipment for electrolysis.

The company's high-efficiency gold electrolysis unit (as shown in the figure) is developed based on years of experience in gold refining projects and customer suggestions. It adopts integrated and integrated design. The whole machine includes a single electrolytic cell, circulating pump, rectifier power supply, automatic electrolyte replenishment system, electrolytic flue gas condensation recovery system, electrolyte temperature, voltage, current The copper bar temperature intelligent monitoring system, the rectifier power supply is closed separately, isolated from the acid gas in the workshop, and has a long service life.

With a number of domestic patents and advanced technology, it has the following advantages:

① The product quality is stable and can meet the gold ingot standard of au99.99 (grade I) of Shanghai Gold Exchange; it can also produce gold ingots with purity of 99.999% according to the special needs of customers;

② Low production cost: about 0.02 yuan / gram gold;

③ The electrolysis adopts AC / DC superimposed power supply, which can effectively inhibit the generation of silver chloride on the gold anode and make the anode plate electrolysis more thorough;

④ High current density electrolysis technology; cathode current density up to 1200A / m2, high production efficiency;

⑤ The electrolytic cell is designed with a transparent closed smoke cover to prevent smoke from escaping, which is easy to operate and beautiful;

⑥ A flue gas condensing device is set. Due to the high temperature (60-70 ℃) required by the gold electrolysis process, the flue gas condensing device can condense the reflux volatile electrolyte to avoid the loss of gold;

The main material of the equipment is high performance polypropylene material, adding anti-aging agent to the material, which greatly prolongs the service life of the equipment. The whole bracket material is PPH, and the corrosion resistance is very strong; the cathode and anode conductive bar material is titanium coated copper with excellent conductivity.

This set of gold electrolysis unit is designed with PLC automatic operation system, controlled by touch screen, and has the function of electrolytic parameter storage. When the electrolytic voltage, current and copper bar temperature are abnormal, the rectifier power supply can be directly interlocked to stop. The whole set of equipment is simple, safe and convenient.


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